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Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs Warns Businesses of Tax Payment Scams


CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH – The Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs is alerting businesses to multiple mail scams that demand payment of alleged past-due taxes.


The scam letters have a headline that says, “Distraint Warrant.” They purport to be from “Cuyahoga County Tax Assessment Securities” or the “Cuyahoga County Tax Processing Unit” – offices that do not exist.


The scam letters claim to be warrants for unpaid taxes. One version threatens business owners with seizure of their wages, bank accounts or Social Security benefits.

Consumer Affairs is advising businesses who receive these or other scam letters:

“We want to assure business owners these demand letters are not real and are not issued by Cuyahoga County,” said Consumer Affairs Director Sheryl Harris.


Business owners who wish to check their tax status can contact the Ohio Department of Taxation at 1-800-282-1780. The Cuyahoga County Treasury Tax Services Department can be reached at 216-443-7420.


Learn more about scams at


See example letters here.

The Department of Consumer Affairs’ mission is to make sure people who live or shop in Cuyahoga County get what they pay for.