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Avoiding Scams


What to do if you lost money to a scam. Find out here!


* Dealing with Robocalls
Tips to ease your frustration with these pesky calls
  * Recovering From Unemployment Insurance Fraud
Here's what to do if a scammer filed for unemployment in your name
COVID-19 cells  Avoid COVID-19 Scams
Tips for Consumers and Businesses
  * What to Do If You Lost Money to a Scam
Find out here! 
Is Your Love For Real?
5 Questions to help you spot an online dating disaster!
  Beware of Fake Check Scams in the Mail  
How bogus paychecks can put you in debt   

College Card Cracking
Jobs & contests you don't want to win
Avoid Identity Theft and Scams
Tips to keep your private info safe   
Fighting Imposter Scams
Tips to protect yourself and your loved ones
Warning:  Phony Debt Collection Calls
Collection scam targets payday loan borrowers  
College Job Scam
Phony employers target college students
  Scams That Take Aim at Seniors
How scammers get money from older Americans 
Business Scams
Scams that target your business
  I-tunes Gift Card Grandparent Scam Alert
Seniors have lost up to $12,000 apiece in this evolving scam  
OPM Data Breach
Make sure the letter you receive is official
  Homeowner Deed Scams
Don't pay for deed copies you can get for free  
Business Alert: Utility Shut-off Scam
Utility shutoff scam calls may increase during the upcoming holidays  
  Utility Shut Off Scam
Scammers are posing as electric company employees and demanding payment

College Students: Warn Grandma
This scam uses students' names to rip off their grandparents 
Imposter Scams
If you’re asked to pay with money wires or gift cards, watch out! It’s likely a scam.


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