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Scales and Gas Pumps Must Be Inspected & Sealed Prior To Public Use


Cuyahoga County’s Department of Consumer Affairs reminds businesses and consumers that scales and gas pumps cannot legally be used in sales to the public until they have been inspected and sealed by a county Weights and Measures inspector.

 County Weights and Measures inspectors check all devices used to measure products by weight or volume annually to ensure that consumers get what they pay for.  Inspected devices bear visible Cuyahoga County Weights and Measures seals. 

 “County Weights and Measures inspections are free, but we still find scales that have never been reported to us — which means they’re not sealed, they’re not necessarily accurate and they’re not legal to use in retail sales,” said Sheryl Harris, director of the county’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

 “We’d like the public’s help identifying unsealed devices that are in use,” Harris said.

 Consumers will continue to see the county's 2015 blue and white seals on devices such as deli scales and gas pumps, but over the course of the next year, those seals will gradually be replaced with new 2016 Cuyahoga County Weights and Measures seals, which are white with a green stripe. 

 Report devices that have no visible inspection seal, have seals marked 2014 or earlier, or that bear seals from another county or state to the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Division of Weights and Measures by calling 216-443-7035 or online through

 Cuyahoga County does not seal devices in Cleveland, which has its own weights and measures bureau.

 Businesses and the state-registered service companies are required to contact Weights and Measures for an inspection whenever they install, replace or repair a weighing device. Read the county’s notice for businesses.   

 It is illegal for anyone except a state-registered service person or a Weights and Measures official to remove a Weights and Measures seal.

The Department of Consumer Affairs’ mission is to make sure people who live or shop in Cuyahoga County get what they pay for.