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County Weights and Measures Inspectors Conduct Sweep of Propane Tanks Sold at Stores Across Cuyahoga County


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Cuyahoga County, OH – Hot weather has driven many home cooks to their grills, so the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs put propane tanks to the test.

Inspectors from the Division of Weights and Measures tested propane gas cylinders sold at exchange sites across the county.

Ninety-eight percent of the tanks tested were over the labeled weight, meaning consumers got a little extra grill time out of each tank. On average, consumers got an extra pound of propane in every 15-pound tank. One cylinder was a whopping eight pounds overweight.

Five of the 358 tanks tested failed because they were short on propane. Although the average failure weight was a little over a quarter pound, one tank was three pounds light. Weights and Measures inspectors immediately pulled failed cylinders off sale and ordered them to be returned to the distributor to be properly filled.

Overweight tanks are allowed to remain on the market. Stores receive a copy of the test results.

The tests were conducted over the last month at retail stores where consumers exchange empty propane tanks for full ones. Although stores handle the sale, the cylinders are filled by propane gas distributors.

Brands tested during the sweep were Advanced Gas and Welding Supplies, AmeriGas, Blue Rhino, Melzer’s Fuel Service, Pinnacle Propane, Pinnacle Express, Rapid Propane Exchange and Sunset Cylinder Exchange.

Weights and Measures inspectors ensure fairness in the marketplace by testing and sealing gas pumps and store scales used for everything from diamonds to zucchini. Inspectors also periodically test package weights on various products to ensure consumers get what they pay for. Inspectors have authority to test a wide range of products sold to the public by weight, length, volume or other measure.

Learn more about Weights and Measures’ work or file a complaint at or by calling 216-443-7035.


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The Department of Consumer Affairs’ mission is to make sure people who live or shop in Cuyahoga County get what they pay for.