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Learn about our Seals

A Weights and Measures seal lets consumers know that a measuring device has been tested and found to be operating correctly.

We test and seal many types of weighing and measuring devices, but the most common are store scales and gas pumps. We usually test devices once a year, but we perform additional tests if a device fails or if we receive a complaint.

Our seal is good for 12 months. That means if we sealed a device in November or December, you might see the previous year displayed on the seal for the next nine or 10 months. If you see a seal that's two years or more out of date, please report it to us online or by calling 216-443-7035.

Cuyahoga County does not seal devices in the City of Cleveland, which has its own Weights and Measures team. 

Our seal is good for one full year after testing.

    Chris Ronayne Executive Seal 

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