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Jury Duty Calls Are Scams

If you receive a call telling you that you're about to be arrested because you missed jury duty, hang up. It's a scam!

Courts will never call or email people who missed jury duty or failed to appear in court. Jury duty scam calls can be scary. Scammers may use the names of real officers or court officials. They might instruct you to move fast and immediately head to the Justice Center. Scammers design these calls to make you panic so that can't think clearly and will follow their instructions.


If you receive a suspicious email or phone call purporting to be from Cuyahoga County, file a scam report with the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs.

Learn more information about jury duty directly from the Common Pleas Court.


The Department of Consumer Affairs’ mission is to make sure people who live or shop in Cuyahoga County get what they pay for.