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Beware of Fake Check Scams in the Mail

ScamsDouble Check that Check!

A Parma resident received an unsolicited letter in the mail, along with a check in the amount of $3,350 asking her to “mystery shop” two separate Western Union outlets. Had the consumer deposited the check and wired the money, as the letter instructed, she would have learned that her bank discovered the check to be a fake. With the money gone, the consumer would have been responsible for repaying the bank thousands of dollars and any fees that accrued.

Mystery shopping scams (sometimes referred to as secret shopping) is where the consumer receives fraudulent solicitations by mail, text or e-mail asking them to report on their experience with a business. To appear legitimate, the scam artists use familiar companies, logos, banks or government agencies on letters or checks.

Tips to Recognize and Avoid Fake Check Scams:


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